Saturday Farmer’s Market

On Saturday I ventured out to a one off market at Sutton Bonnington. They normally have their markets on the first Wednesday of the month – you can see the pictures from earlier in March here but there was an extra one on Saturday. We arrived as the market was starting up and left just before the crowds. Excellent timing in my opinion. There were some new stalls – we sampled beetroot brownies and contemplated mouthwatering cakes. Eventually we bought veggies, I got some eggs and a bag of onion pakoras that I cannot get out of my mind, they were so good. I bought less than I normally would have, mainly because I’m trying to empty my fridge before I go traveling in a week’s time but I was sorely tempted by a variety of things – bread, brownies, cake, olives, hot sauce, meat, scotch eggs, chocolate and honey. Next time I’ll be able to stock up properly.