Flat Breads

These are like little pizzas but are super fast to make and healthier to eat. At least I think they’re healthier to eat, what with the spelt flour and the lack of cheese. I could be very wrong. Either way, they’re delicious. I made the sunflower and spelt option, the recipe for which you can find over here. I followed them to the letter and they worked wonderfully. The recipe makes four flatbreads so I cooked two and kept the rest of the dough in the fridge for use later in the week. I made a courgette, spinach, leek and feta topping for one and used some tomatoes I’d cooked earlier in the week (with shallots and garlic) for the other (together with some cheddar cheese). I saved what I didn’t manage to eat and reheated them for lunch the next day. The topping options are endless and the breads bake crispy and are extremely thin. All round winning supper I think.

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