Hunting Darcy in Derbyshire (with tea and cake)

There are many things I like about living in England – tea, chips and gravy, pubs, parks, Victoria sponge, majestic houses, deer – but two of my favourites are the ability to walk across private land (the rights of way) and getting to see places that only previously existed (for me) in books. And what better way to spend a Bank holiday than doing both?

The next county over from mine is Derbyshire – in my mind Darcy country. So when PhD friends suggested we spend the day walking between tea shops in Derbyshire, I was only to happy to comply. Darcy country is rather spectacular. All rolling hills and sleepy villages. We started our journey in a superbly lovely little village (the name of which has now eluded me) with tea and a ginger biscuit (for me) and teacake and scones (for the others). It’s always a good idea to start out a day’s walking with tea no?

We walked a bit along the Monsal trail before getting to Bakewell – home of that famous tart and and also a pudding. We had to stop in at the shop and buy samples of each to take home. I prefer the pudding personally, there’s just too much almond essence in the tart.

From Bakewell we walked to Ashford-in-the-water where another cosy teashop awaited us. Lunch was a posh fish finger sandwich. I feel like I’ve been cheated all my life. For me, the only way forward is fish finger sandwiches.

We then walked up a few hills before reaching our final teashop, overlooking the Monsal viaduct. More tea was had, along with a slice of Victoria sponge. Sadly no Darcy was found. But that’s okay. I’m all for more walking in Derbyshire.

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