Cheeseburgers and Cheesecake

Tomorrow I get to go to New York City! I’m rather excited about this. I’m going for work and will be presenting at a conference for the first time (minor heart palpitations/stomach butterflies etc) but I am also going to EAT. I started to draw up a list of places I wanted to visit (all of which you’ll get to read about when I get back) and after I’d gotten to page 3 I realised that my list is probably too long for just one person and one week. Still, I’m going to try and sample as much as I can. Most of my list is made up of bakeries or bakery items so there’s going to be a lot of carbohydrates going on, plus a few ice creams to shake things up. I’ve also organised to go on a food walking tour of Chelsea Market and the Meatpacking District as well as a few other things that are offered by the conference. Hopefully it’ll all live up to my (rather excessive) expectations. In the meanwhile I’ll leave you with some photographs that I took the last time I was there. Catch y’ll on the flipside!