Adventures in New York City

Hello again dear readers! I have returned from the new world, slightly jet-lagged and with a distinct need to stretch the buttons on my jean-pants. I had a super duper time in New York City – mostly work (an energizing conference where I felt I had found ‘my people’) but with A LOT of eating in-between. A. Lot. I really pushed out the boat here. And I did it all for you. Well, that’s what I kept telling myself when I was eating croissants from breakfast followed by tarts for tea, and not forgetting a burger or two, all washed down with endless cups of iced coffee (I am now an official addict). I did and saw so much that New York is going to take a number of posts.

First Views of the City – From the Rooftop of my Hotel

But first things first. Breakfast on my first day. I arrived on Sunday evening, got lost, then found again and finally went out for drinks with a friend from my British Museum days. By the time we finished I’d been up for almost 24 hours so serious amounts of sleep were called for. My body clock woke me up at 5am and I had that surreal, over-imaginative experience where I was sure I’d overslept and my clock had managed to change time on it’s own and I was missing vital parts of my New York experience. Of course that wasn’t the case at all – a quick check out the window revealed a city still in the throws of the very early morning.

The Window at CeciCela

When I finally did leave the house it was already warm and coffee was a priority. I wandered down Spring Street where I stumbled on a place on my list (the endless one I wrote for myself at the last minute). CeciCela was recommended for croissants so that’s what I ordered – an almond one and an iced coffee (the first of very, very many). The coffee was cold and very bitter which contrasted nicely with the super sweet croissant. It was flaky, full of almonds and sugar. I ate as I walked, wandering past bistros and boutiques. I got crumbs down my front. It was super.


55 Spring Street