Hello dear readers! What a absolutely stunning day we’ve had here today. Truly awesome. If it would just stay this way I could believe that summer was imminently around the corner. Today I’m not telling you about anything I’ve baked or made recently but instead about the food growing activities I’ve become involved in. The university has an allotment on campus, it’s a space student’s can use to grow things, designed and gifted to us by the university estates. They’re totally fabulous people, and are super keen to help us get started and give us handy tips. The volunteer centre is overseeing things but there are three of us who are going to run sessions and organise growing and things. So far it’s been super fun.

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The times I’ve worked on the site, estates have popped over to have a look, and told us how to do various things. We all got very excited at the prospect of wild bees in one of our growing beds and have agreed to make it a wild flower bed so the bees can continue to live there unharmed or unsettled. Today I went down to water the new seedlings we’ve got going in the greenhouse, accompanied by the Princess (who is visiting) and another friend who’s enthusiastic about outdoor space and gardening. We started clearing the nettles and turning more soil, ready for planting!

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