MSU Food

I was all over-excited whilst I was at MSU about their dining hall. I know. It’s a totally random thing to be over-excited about. But it was just so amazing, and so clever, and there was so much choice, that I felt I needed to share the experience with you. The dining hall is vast, I said in an earlier post that it feeds 2400 students every day during the term. As a result the actual area is large and there are various places to sit with all the food being centrally located in the middle. For $9.99 you can eat as much as you want, and this includes freshly baked cookies and soft serve. Say what?

Basically you take a tray and cutlery and then you can decide what you’d like. There’s pizza and burgers, a vegetarian station, a Caribbean station, one that does ‘home made’ foods, a stir fry station, a grill, and sushi. They’ll also make you sandwiches and there’s a salad bar with a gazillion items on. Oh and there’s cereal and dried fruits and nuts. There’s also an ice cream and waffle place as well as the soft serve and cookies. There’s a variety of colas as well as water, juice and tea or coffee. All on a help yourself basis. It’s amazing. I had food from various stations in the time I was there, including roast chicken with mash (I had that twice), and stir fried noodles with pork and vegetables. I had various salad combinations and a lot of dessert. I had to, so I could tell you all about it. My favourite were the cookies, particularly the chocolate chip ones. Americans do such good chocolate chip cookies.

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