Newport, Rhode Island

Greetings dearest ones! It turns out that being in upstate New York means being in a signal dead zone. Who knew? But I’ve got some working wifi today so I thought I’d post this photo series from Newport. Newport, as you can see, is rather beautiful. We happened to be there on an idyllic summers day so drove around the ocean road, hung out drinking cocktails on adirondack chairs, wandered the streets sipping lemonade and later, listened to a band whilst sipping wine. Days out from thesis writing don’t get much better than that.

2014-07-05 14.06.08

2014-07-05 12.13.03 2014-07-05 13.08.22 2014-07-05 13.08.34 2014-07-05 13.36.13


2014-07-05 15.25.29 2014-07-05 15.37.30 2014-07-05 16.43.37 2014-07-05 17.56.37

2014-07-05 15.56.18

2014-07-05 17.56.32