Reading List

I was away this weekend with my mom. We were in Cambridge (lunch at Fitzbillies!) where we took in some Ronald Searle cartoons in the Fitzwilliam and then we went to London yesterday and took in Celts art and identity before eating a rather lovely afternoon tea. So just a reading list today!

An interesting short video on a call to action for US food systems. ‘A Plate of the Union’ aims to demand new changes regarding food and farming in the US, and aims to lobby the 2016 presidential candidates.

In Praise of Ugly Food – a brilliant essay on the food-photographic age of our time and the need to not only photograph ‘pretty dishes’. I particularly love this: ‘I know it may seem foolish to use a visual medium to capture the way we eat, but until Smellstagram and Snaptaste technology appear, it’s one of the best ways we have to celebrate the overlooked, while at the same time documenting our not-so-camera-ready colloquial chow for future generations. Unless, of course, we want them to think we were a civilization fueled entirely by green smoothies, avocado toasts, and baked goods tied up with red and white baker’s twine alongside mini milk bottles.’  (Thanks Jen!)

And talking about ugly food – an article on a group who are selling ugly fruits and vegetables for less. An initiative in the US that mirrors campaigns here to stop supermarkets throwing away perfectly good fruits and vegetables that don’t look pretty.

Honey fences– a friendly way to protect farmer’s crops from elephants, with the added bonus of honey!

Cultural factors influence food consumption but they can also influence eating disorders. This is a very interesting article on how eating disorders are mostly researched on Caucasian populations and less is known about eating disorders amongst other ethnic groups.

New season of Serial! Anyone else excited? Tentatively curious? Supremely interested?

We’re nearly out of all the paté we bought back with us from Paris so I’m considering making this for snacks next week.

Birch, in Bristol.

I always think it might be nice to make a gingerbread house but these are just in a league of their own.