A reading list

I hope you are all out enjoying the holidays (and this strangely warm winter we are having)! I’ve been tying things up at work, not baking much (with the exception of some caramel raspberry brownies) and trying to use up food in our freezer in preparation for Christmas leftovers. Oh and I introduced Andrés and our friend Mar to the joy that is a Hand and Heart Sunday Roast.

2015-12-20 19.40.16

I will be around again soon with new cookie recipes (and possibly some notes on trifle) but in the meanwhile, here is what caught my reading eye this week!

2015-12-18 08.44.45

Dining in NYC – a rather appealing list, not to be looked at when hungry.

Enabling people to buy fruits and vegetables from farmers markets. Do these kinds of programmes challenge the elitism and middle-classed nature of such places?

At this time of year I start to lust after snow. And ski trips. And chalets. And drinking wine near wood-burning fires. So obviously, this is where I want to ski next.

Judith Jones. Because, Judith Jones.

Are you making excessive amounts of holiday cookies? Because these ‘browniest cookies’ over on Smitten Kitchen caught my eye and I am so trying them this weekend!

Rebecca Solnit, again. This time writing about gender in literature.

On food in literature.

I finished The Seed Collectors. I am unsure what I made of it. It was, in a word, weird.

I am now reading A Late Dinner. It is the first of my Christmas books and is an attempt to further understand Spanish culture, food and traditions, of which my knowledge is woeful at best.