Reading List (12/4)

School gardens taking root in London. Teachers think school gardens can help combat obesity. A gardener reflects on the satisfaction of school gardens. ‘Schools need to realise that just because something can’t be quantified and stuck on a spreadsheet, doesn’t mean it isn’t important’. I would argue that rather than schools realising ‘something’ (I think life, possibly) cannot be quantified, it is policymakers that such concerns should be directed too. If we want to change how schools are, we need to change the policies that dictate what they do…

A feminist bake-sale highlights the gender pay gap (and inadvertently also the online violence against women who raise their voices).

Babka is so hot right now.

I enjoyed this 2 minute video on cooking.

More ‘when research is potentially very cool’. This time, tracking food deserts in the US via Instagram posts.

More on chef residencies.

Women writers to read. I particularly loved this article ‘The Secret of Grey Gardens‘ by Gail Sheehy and this article ‘I was a Warehouse Wage Slave‘ by Mac McClelland, although both made me fairly depressed about the state of the world.

Cake foodways – the way food is tied to place, tradition and culture and the difficulty in tracing those origins. I also now want to eat this multi-layered cake.

Americans in the Spanish Civil War.