Reading List (19/4)

The difficulty of tracing recipe origins. And the mystifying power of Pinterest.

Should you be able to criticize government policy publicly if the government funds your research? The UK government thinks not…

I love an agricultural show. Do you? The animals, the vegetable growing competition, the tractor parades, the food… So at some point, I will have to attend the Salon de l’Agriculture.


Do you really know where the the food you’re eating comes from? Even when a restaurant declares its sources, you may be being deceived.

I like this series on breakfast from Lucky Peach. And this series on Eater.

Gentrification through foodstuffs.

This week I want to make these butterscotch creams with caramel apples. (Especially for you Jen!) Also this pistachio pound cake.

Edible ovens.

This is a fascinating article, written by Dan Barber, on tracing the origins of the taste of a particular matzo. The article takes you on a journey from the table to the farm, via the bakery, where you learn of the intense scrutiny of the wheat being harvested for the flour that will eventually make the matzo.

Churros for breakfast. Next time I am in Spain.