The Hangover Cure Sandwich


This is not a recipe but rather guidance as to the best way (in my opinion) to cure a hangover. I woke yesterday rather under the weather from a liberal encounter with wine on Friday evening. In my excessively sleepy and non-functional state, this was the only thing I wanted to eat. This and a Creme Soda which I managed to acquire the last time I was in London.

I first had a version of this particular sandwich at Julian’s in Providence, Rhode Island in 2014. I cannot really believe it was nearly 2 years ago that I journeyed over the Atlantic to spend the summer cooking, baking, eating, talking about food and writing. I would go again in a heartbeat. (And am currently trying to work out how to incorporate these seemingly disparate elements of my life into something that will generate income but that is for another post). I stayed first with my friend Emily, spending the 4th of July with her. Emily is a foodie and so she took me to all her favourite eating places in Providence and her home town of Barrington. In fact, as soon as I was off my flight we traveled from Boston to Providence and had dinner at Julian’s.

A few days later we were back, this time for brunch (and bloody Mary’s). It was at this brunch that I encountered this particular version of the sandwich – fried eggs, bacon and cheese (served with a side of fried potato, dear god I love Americans). Ever since it has been my go-to hangover cure.

2014-07-06 11.23.26

There is obviously no actual recipe for the best hangover sandwich. And you can adjust this to your liking. Yesterday I made it on sourdough from Welbeck bakery, bought at Delilah’s because I was in town. (Normally I am faithful to Small Food Bakery and I suspect this would be amazing on their pumpkin seed and rosemary sourdough but I couldn’t make it up the hill yesterday.) My eggs come from Parsnips and Pears, as part of my veg box, and the bacon is smoked and streaky. I had Black Bomber cheddar (also bought from Delilah’s).


The Hangover Cure Sandwich

2 slices sourdough


cheddar, sliced

streaky bacon, cooked crisp

1 fried egg

Butter the bread and layer the cheddar slices on one half. Cook the bacon until desired level of crispiness (I cook mine in the oven, turning halfway). Layer the bacon on top of the cheddar so it gets slightly melty. Fry the egg and place atop the bacon. Pepper and some salt. Cover with second slice. Slice in half and eat immediately.