Reading List (10/5)

For my ‘when research is cool’ list: A Conversation with Whales (found via Orangette)

Can reading make you happier? How much do you want to have someone recommend books to you? And how cool does being a bibliotherapist sound? (From 2015)

Farming without irrigation in California.

A female chef heads up a New York kitchen.

Language is glorious chaos

A totally engrossing read about a cave dive that went horribly wrong. (Found on Twitter via Jess, this got me through my morning commute yesterday.)

Urban farms are good for community building and developing neighbourhoods, and for providing some people with better access to fresh foods. But they’re not likely to feed the world.

Deb over at Smitten Kitchen has made my dinner cravings again.

An interesting commentary in response to last week’s article on Slate about the dearth between ‘real’ cooking and how we talk about and portray food in the media (newspapers, blogs, cooking shows).

I have plans to do a road trip of the American South at some point. And this just makes me want to book my flights already.

The long lasting effects of participating in teen art programmes.