Reading List (30/8)

Greetings dearest ones! This post is coming to you from Kruger Park, in good old South Africa! We have been in the country for a few days now, have caught up with dear friends, done a brief introduction in Joburg (we shall have to return soon) and we are now spending our time searching for leopards, lion and the like! It is awesome.

Here are some things I’ve been reading over the past week.

Super excited for the publication of The Vanilla Bean Baking Book. It is a blog I read regularly and love. Also, this smores ice cream cake looks divine.

I saw an Instagram post with The Outrun in it last week. The cover looked like my kind of book, and when I read it is set on Orkney, I had to read it. I started it before we left on holiday and it is wonderful. I devoured most of it in-transit. I love the combination of nature writing and memoir, the descriptions of island life, and the stories of the sky. Brilliant read. Get your hands on it if you can.

Food and performance, teaching about food waste.

Courgettes and mozzarella anyone?

A restaurant in a refugee camp.

I loved loved loved the Serious Eats podcast, Special Sauce, last week. They interviewed Stella Parks, the Serious Eats ‘pastry wizard’ (future job title me thinks) and blogger at Brave Tart and she was just totally awesome. I particularly loved when she talked about being in culinary school and how everyone was talking about reading MFK Fisher and she was like who?

What happens to the bulls that die in bullfighting?

Fig and oatmeal bars. These look good for snacks. And picnics.

Until next week! x

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