Reading List (11/10)

I’ve been wondering about the world this past week. More so than normal. Between the government here calling for firms to create lists of all foreign workers (later abandoned, fortunately), the scary statements on leaving the EU, and Trump’s comments about women, it has all made me nervous. Has it made you nervous? Should we be nervous? I no longer know. So I spent the weekend making cake (birthdays x 2) and a long, relaxed Sunday lunch. Because at times like this, cooking seems the best thing to make sense of other things. Or at least to concentrate on something life-giving and nourishing.


So making this pasta this week.

The 339 books read on Gilmore Girls. I really like this list. If I ever struggle to find something to read (unlikely, given the growing stash at my bed, on the coffee table, in the kitchen) I may refer to this.

The hidden realities of PhD life. And some of the potential monetary costs you will incur. Writing a thesis was incredibly hard, demoralising (most of the time), and confidence-knocking but this year post-thesis has, in fact, been harder. I no longer know certain about being an academic. Writing is hard work but the self-doubt, competition, and constant refrain of ‘not quite good enough’ has made me question the path I thought I would follow. Now I am focused on writing more widely, developing my own business, and finding somewhere we would like to live for a while (a key step towards all the rest).

Photographs of Foula, an island where just 30 people live.

How much of a crush do you have on Jacques Pépin after watching this video?

A long read from Michael Pollan on the legacy of the Obamas on food. And the plans to make the garden on the South Lawn long-lasting.

An infographic of London coffee-house names.

Should chefs be involved in shaping the food system?

Cultural appropriation and authentic cuisine.

It was Canadian Thanksgiving yesterday. I like the sound of all the foods, frankly, but the butter tarts! Oh my.

I worry a lot about how much we use the web, how often whilst watching a tv series or a movie I am tempted to check on something. Just quickly. I am actively working on reducing my mindless web use. This writer gave it all up for a while and discusses our addiction to information, the need for stillness and silence and the importance of sometimes switching everything off.

On the importance of books and libraries.

Molly Wizenberg on tastes of home and soup.

Gardening is good for you. And if you garden with children, you teach them important skills.

If you are in Cape Town, this looks like the most insanely cool event ever.