Reading List (18/10)

Is 40 hours a week in a restaurant kitchen ever 40 hours? And are you paid for all of them?

A sky projected onto the ceiling of a church in Paris.

More on authentic foods. Jamie Oliver was in trouble with Spaniards last week because of his paella.

A pumpkin farmer who wants you to cook the pumpkin, not carve it. Try making this pumpkin loaf.

Cooking competitions in the US.

A social enterprise in Scotland, running a pay-it-forward scheme and employing homeless people.

The internet had a mini meltdown over the weekend after a baby boomer suggested that giving up avocado toast would help millennials buy their first house. The responses here, here and here are all excellent, poignant and sadly funny.

On writing in libraries.

A bakery in Philadelphia that is doing things differently.

How is healthy defined?

Michelle Obama.

Next time we’re in Spain, I want to eat here.

A cheese souffle from Raymond Blanc. The new Le Manoir cookbook is on my Christmas wish list.

I devoured Shakespeare and Company, Paris: A History of the Rag & Bone Shop of the Heart this last week. Everything about the book is wonderful. It is filled with notes, essays, pictures, postcards and ephemera that George Whitman collected and kept throughout his years in the bookstore. The book charts the decades of the bookstore’s existence, but this narrative is interspersed with personal recollections, and stories of the Tumbleweeds who stayed in the store. It was like encountering an old friend and companion. If you love bookstores, read this book.

Have a good week! x