Reading List (25/10)

Existential crises and the PhD.

More on the chef crisis in the restaurant industry.

Thirty thousand cookbooks. Life goals.

Great British Bake-Off has changed the way we think about cake.

Clean eating is dead. And make sure you read Bee Wilson’s article on clean eating that was linked to in the article.

I am reading Charlotte Mendelson’s Rhapsody in Green and it is wonderful. I love the voice and the different sections. Read it if you’re at all interested in growing, fruits and vegetables, and tiny gardens.

Do you plan your travels around bakeries and eateries? This list of bakeries to eat at in many US cities will help if, like me, you have a list of must visit places for food on any trip.

I’ve been listening with fascination to The Sporkful’s podcast on ‘Who is this restaurant for?’ These are thought-provoking discussions on race and eating out that have made me think a lot about restaurants and who eats where, and what that means.

This video on urban food systems.

MAD Yale.

The history of tiramisu.

The story of making 15 cakes in one day, for a photo shoot. Personally, I love the look of the pink champagne cake and this Smith Island cake.

And talking about cake, The Guardian has ‘the 20 best cakes’ part one and part two. At this time of year, I may have to make the ginger molasses cake on the list.

10 years of learning on Brainpickings.

I love love love this spooky gingerbread house!

Have a superb week! x