Reading List (1/11)

Welcome November! Colourful trees; grey days; sunset at 4pm…

Photographs of street vendors in Vietnam that are magical.

We should all work a 30-hour week (or: the fetishization of work is making us ill.)

Where pastry chefs eat dessert in NYC.

Did you watch Great British Menu this year? I love this show, not least because it is less stressful to watch than regular cooking shows. (Because I expect the chefs to know what they’re doing.) Andrés and I have binge-watched whole weeks at a time to get our fix. We only have the banquet episode left now.

More food books to read.

Organic farming in Africa.

A third part and fourth part to The Observer’s 20 best cake recipes.

The science of eggs.

The Atlantic published an article on milk vs dark chocolate and the internet had a meltdown, via the comments section. Epic.

Dorie Greenspan explains about her #cookiesandkindness project.

Because it is the festival of Samhain today (and yesterday), some depictions of death in print form.

We are all obsessed with funfetti cake.

Books as markers of cultural distinction.

Have an excellent week! x