Reading List (15/11)

If you have been rather depressed/worried/concerned/freaking-the-hell-out about the state of the world, well, I’m with you. So have a look at this page. There are calming puppies and kittens and a hedgehog. Plus a few pandas. Nuff said. And if you want to hear people talking about the election and what happens next, I listened to this and this.

On Sunday, after a six-day week, I collapsed on my sofa, caught up on Season Five of Homeland (not quite but almost finished) and knitted my first hat! I feel ridiculously accomplished now. I also made killer beef stew. Here is this week’s reading list!

Could dry-farming be a solution in drought affected areas?

Small Food Bakery in the Nottingham Post!

If the cold weather (or the current state of the world) makes you want to eat all the baked goods, here is a list of good places to go in London.

A beginners guide to meditation.

On fermentation.

The Sioux Chef. A fascinating idea about ancestry, heritage and food.

Should we all be growing our own food? Or at least some of it? What is the real risk of not engaging children in the natural world?

1970s dinner party foods, in pictures.

We want worthwhile lives, not happiness.

Food banks and hunger in the post-election USA.

A history of butter.

A lovely article on Astrid Lindgren, author of Pippi Longstocking.

Cookies from Rachel Roddy.

Liz Prueitt, of Tartine. And Claire Ptak, of Violet Bakery.

Have a good week lovelies. x