Reading List (8/11)

Ina Garten has a new cookbook out.

Sqirl! If anyone is going to LA soon, please can I come with and we can go and eat here?

Rosemary helps you live longer.

We watched the first episode of Chef’s Table France last week. It was on Alain Passard. I was like a small child at Christmas, totally enthralled and in love. His garden is truly spectacular and the food looks simply phenomenal. Please can someone sponsor me a dinner at Arpège? I’ve added his various books to my Christmas wishlist, including the ones in French. If you can’t watch the Netflix episode, you can read about him here.

The fight to save community spaces, and growing spaces, does not always end well. This makes me both sad and angry. And related: the WHO report on urban green spaces and health.

Cooking, cuisine and food culture in different regions of China.

I loved the NYPL podcast last week that featured Margaret Atwood talking about Shakespeare because she has written The Tempest for modern times. Seriously, listen to it if you can.

Do we still need farmers to grow our food?

Portraits of kitchens.

On shyness.

An initiative to help young people move out of temporary accommodation and into long-term housing.

I love this essay on Mary Oliver’s book Upstream, discussing how books and wildness helped her cope with, and survive, a terrible childhood.

Parsnip cupcakes and pumpkin maple bundt cake.

A bookstore in Asheville.

Lastly, in case you missed it on Instagram, I totally found my cat of destiny last week. The Princess and I visited Nottingham’s Kitty Cafe (after watching Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, which was fabulous and totally appropriate to watch on Halloween). There, in all his leonine ginger glory was this cat. I wish to adopt him and name him Foucault. The only problem is we can’t have a cat where we currently live. Le sigh. But if you are in need of feline comfort, do pay them a visit!

And just for today: the history of cake in the USA. (Worth clicking through just for the title!) Go out and vote American readers!

Have a good week. x