Reading List (29/11)

Almost December. Gah. The last few months have just flown by. I’ve hardly had time to think, let alone contemplate the on-rushing of a new year. But I have knitted a hat and made a satisfactory start on a scarf. And I put Christmas decorations up on Sunday (being the first Sunday of advent) but I still haven’t eaten a mince pie (waiting for the 1st).


Spanish food for beginners. And also because I don’t quite want to forget my Barcelona weekend just yet.

On New York diners.

I’ve never really been in to competitive food television shows, mostly because they stress me out no end. I make an exception for Bake-Off because it was lovely, and Masterchef Australia because it is fascinating and the locations/chefs/competitions are inventive. This review of Masterchef: The Professionals sums up the reasons why I cannot watch most though, even if the writer finds some things to encourage you to sit through it.

Gingerbread alfajores with dulce de leche. I die. (There are some other Christmas bakes in there too but really.)

A history of pecan pie.

Foods to eat with a spoon.

Dealing with food waste in London.

Urban farms as new pre-schools.

Learning history through the museum cafe.

Cookbooks as comic books.

Baking childhood book memories.

This weekend I discovered that it is possible to rent audio books from the library and download them onto your phone. For free. I immediately listened to City of Strangers – a fantastic detective-whodunnit-mystery story set in Edinburgh. I listened all of Saturday and Sunday, whilst I knitted and cooked and cleaned. Such a great find! I’ve now downloaded a Rankin, because Rebus.

Best cookbooks of 2016 (from The Washington Post)

I’m all into homemade gifts this year: salted caramel; jam; homemade nutella; dulce de leche; cookies; toffee; brittle; honeycomb… Of course, the best laid plans often come to nought so don’t hold your breath too long! But there are those scarves and hats I’m knitting!

Just for Hannah: Wales rugby players pose naked for a calendar.