Reading List (6/12)

Teaching in Finland and teaching in America.

This interactive tool from Google Lab and Truth & Beauty is amazing. Total internet wormhole.

A description of a chef and an omelette, a girl and a theatre – those early experiences of trying to discover the work you’d like to do.

Literally the most gag-worthy attempts at 70s dinner party food. (Thanks for this Leslie!)

This is hysterically funny and worth watching.

I made mince pies on the weekend. Have you started Christmas baking yet?


Cookies that are too pretty to eat.

If, like me, you love a Christmas hamper, these are rather to-die-for (with a price tag to match).

Best cookbooks of 2016 (The Guardian).

16 1/2 desserts.

Christmas as an amalgamation of cultural heritage.

Ottolenghi at The Met.

Chefs and mental health.

Chocolate cake in Italy.

Opening in a bookstore.

Have a good week! x