Reading List (24/1)


Did you march on Saturday? Here’s a roundup of some of the best highlights I’ve seen. [Also proof that I live in a bubble, my Facebook and Instagram feeds were full of these scenes all weekend.] These photographs, the ducklings in Boston, Margaret Atwood signs, Ashley Judd’s poetry, this essay.

Falling out of love with clean eating. How the clean-eating gurus are shying away from the label. Plus risk, food choice and cancer.

Advice on blogging. Ideas to boost creativity. How writing can help students develop grit.

I like the look of these, for quick breakfasts. I want to make this cake.

Fergus Henderson on Marcella Hazan. I have a deep desire to spend a Sunday making her 5-hour ragu.

The issue of money and being a writer.

Banning wifi in coffee shops.

An interview with Fuchsia Dunlop.

Using mindfulness to help with PhD stress.

Hidden things in library books.

Montaigne: on writing, reading and how to live. (Added this book to my wishlist).

These posters.

Are there more than five tastes? Could there be one for fat? This is a fascinating video about taste, genetics and the possible ways you can do research.

Food in two (dystopian) novels.

A museum, underwater. And an exhibition about Emily Dickinson.

I’ve falled into a John Rebus wormhole recently. I discovered there were loads of Ian Rankin audio books at my library and I’ve spent the past several weekends listening to John Rebus solve various crimes, deal with gangsters, and pretend to be retired. It’s been ace. So far, I’ve listened to: Even Dogs in the Wild;  Saints of the Shadow Bible; and Standing in Another Man’s Grave. In-between all the Rebus, I listened to We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves, which was bizarre and fascinating and thought-provoking and weird all at once.

Have a good week. We are heading to Spain tomorrow. x