Reading List (31/1)

Portraits of people affected by Trump’s immigration ban. And how this will affect the places you eat. A long read on immigration and homogeneity in Poland. A restaurant employing refugees from Syria.

Alain de Botton on writing things down to calm the mind and organise thoughts. “Self-disgust is second nature to most writers; procrastination is endless. It’s a pity for literature that the news has been quite so interesting lately. It takes a long time – and a lot of browsing of The Guardian website – till the pain of achieving nothing at all trumps the fear of doing something badly.”

Deliciously Ella. 

We are in Spain at the moment. I am rereading The Historian, for comfort and reassurance in these troubled times. 

On teaching creative writing

A salmon with an old soul.

A travel guide to Santa Fe.

This honey cake. Ways to get more cookies in your life. Wonderful words from Rachel Roddy.

Have a good week. x