Reading List (6/3)


You may have noticed there is a strike on-going in UK universities. If you are not sure why, read this.

A wonderful portrait of a day in the life of an NYC line cook.

More on mental health in academia. Ideas about how to remain happy in a complex world.

How totally amazing are these food photographs? Salivating.

Delicious-looking chocolate and pear cake. “Baking seemed to me an extension of playing…” Those bourbon pecan shortbreads!

I just love this teaser-trailer for a film about womanhood and swimming. “When you explore with a purpose you see how astonishingly the natural landscape can change, sometimes within just a few miles”. I just loved this essay on swimming.

A lovely illustrated guide to fermentation.

Fabulous interview with Rachel Roddy over on The Gannet.

A complicated and fascinating history of queso.

Orchidelirium. It’s a thing.

The genius of connecting plant breeders to chefs.

Gut feelings in academic writing.

The Piglet is back! Read on for wonderful review writing.

Philip Pullman has come out in support of authors receiving a better deal from publishers.

A lovely post on an Edinburgh bookshop.

A child’s advice on overcoming ‘the scared’. (I have linked to this before but it is worth another watch!)

Words on failure. “Often the things we try hardest to hide are the things that connect us most with others, whether it’s fear, heartache or sadness. When we are prepared to share those things, it can have a meaningful impact on other people”. This was precisely what I needed to hear this week.

chickpea stew

Have a good week! x