Reading List (27/2//2/3)

Apologies for the Friday edition of this list! I was without wifi for most of this week.


Yesterday was World Book Day! I missed it mostly because I wasn’t in school (because schools are mostly closed due to snow) – usually the teachers are all dressed up as characters and it is fabulous. In belated celebration, here are some bookshops that remain open despite pretty hard odds.

If you read only one thing on the list this week, make it this article on the bacon scandal. It’ll make you think twice about how much processed foods you are eating.

I just loved this essay from Jack Monroe on why we should quit telling people what they should/shouldn’t eat, and really need to stop getting on moral high horses about the occasional ready-meal.

A glorious sounding food retreat in Mallorca.

Another review of Ruby Tandoh’s Eat Up that I thoroughly enjoyed reading.

The commodification of self-care.

Garden photographs that are just beautiful.

An interview with a person who is transitioning out of academics. Some advice on surviving the academic job market as an early-career academic. Is trying to pursue a career in academia part of the culture of ‘cruel optimism‘?

A wonderful, short video of how a library changed someone’s life.

Lindy West on food performativity in the age of food porn.

Stress and wellbeing in academia.

Cakes! Let’s face it, chances are you’re going to spend some of this weekend indoors so you might as well bake. Or you can try this totally delicious sounding apple/butterscotch/miso cake.

The need for nutrition-based care for older people in our communities.

I love everything about this bookshop.

A review of ‘The Reading Cure’.

Community gardening for mental health.

Using sound to communicate history and tell stories.

This week I read The Dragonfly Pool by Eva Ibbotson. This is a classic school-centred tale about fiesty and determined Tally, her friends, and their adventures. I loved everything, especially their biology lessons, the hot chocolate, and their housemistress who is writing a book on Schopenhauer and keeps getting distracted. Whenever I read ‘a children’s book’ I am always amazed by how much I smile and laugh. The enjoyment of them always takes me by surprise. Heavens knows why. I should know by now that I love magical stories in all forms.

I caught up with Strike last night too (after my rather stressful journey back from Cornwall). I love Strike. I am planning to watch the third season (Career of Evil) over the weekend. There are also new episodes of Shetland about.

Have a good weekend! I’ll be back as normal on Tuesday. x