Reading List (20/3)

March is endometriosis awareness month. An article on how body positivity does not really deal yet with those suffering from chronic illnesses. Lena Dunham on why she had a hysterectomy aged 31.

Tomorrow is World Down Syndrome Day. This video made me smile and cry all in the space of 4 minutes.

Some inspiring women who work in food and farming around London. And an interview with Jackson and Levine. I subscribe to the ‘women who cook for me‘ newsletter. It is a wonderful fortnightly read that appears in your inbox.

Zadie Smith on writing and dancing.

The stories we tell and live.

This review!

Rice pudding with cherry compote. I’ve mainly linked to this because the picture is divine.

The complexities of food writing and eating disorders.

A profile of Tamar Adler.

Warnings from a tech evangelist.

Protest through textiles.

Readers to Eaters. Love this initiative.

“It is about who gets to create us and what those representations mean for our lives, because the world has a way of turning on the careless words of fools”. This is an important piece to read about the gaze of white people on other food cultures.

Gabrielle Hamilton is writing a new memoir.

Easter is coming up so some Easter baking ideas. I am particularly partial to those hazelnut chocolate chip scones. Possibly this coming weekend. Just to practice you know?

Even though there are hardly any left, some photographs and a few notes on snowdrops.

Have a good week! x