Reading List (27/3)

An interview with Diana Henry.

Life is bigger than work.

Ideas on slow thought.

The role of luck in success.

…perfectionism is often debilitating…” Some advice on how to overcome perfectionism, or at least, work towards being less perfectionist.

The complexities of being a woman, and enjoying being in the kitchen.

Food in spiritual places.

The opposite of depression is not happiness, it is ‘human vitality'”. Spiritual reflection and depression.

Science and the Joy of Cooking. This is just a totally fabulous, fascinating read on trying to track calorie counts for recipes over decades.

Anna Jones’ recipes for spring. I got very excited at the appearance of peas, gem lettuces, and courgettes in my veg box this week. Honey & Co’s recipe for spring prawns with artichokes sounds absolutely delicious.

Growing pears in bottles. Totally awesome.

I could totally get into these funfetti macaroons if I didn’t have such a massive aversion to coconut.

Oral food histories.

Have a good week folks! x