Reading List (10/4)

The importance of writing things down. Ursula le Guin on writing. A zine produced by some geographers from Uni of Nottingham on the recent strike action (an example of the importance of writing down experiences).

Canadian PhDs who dropped out of academia and into other professions.

“It takes work to insist on being a major character, even in one’s own existence.” A wonderful review of Deborah Levy’s work.

A tragic tale of an extraordinary chef.

I often wonder, in this state of flux in which we seem to live – working contract to contract, not really ever feeling settled – whether I am too old to train to do something else entirely. This article proves I am most definitely not.

I am a big fan of recipes that can be constructed into other things. This soup with three variations is precisely the kind of recipe I love.

An example of the complexities of dieting for longer life. On food, moods, and depression.

An interview (and some inspiring photographs) with a gardener.

Science and art connected through poetry.

Falling for life in Florence.

An interview with Elisabeth Luard.

“Reading about someone — a great writer, artist, or scientist — who was tussling with the selfsame things a generation ago, a century ago, a civilizational epoch ago, is a tremendous clarifying force for one’s own struggles, a kind of assurance that they are survivable and transcendable…” An interview with Maria Popova.

A review of a book on the Syrian conflict.

Bee Wilson on the BBC Radio 4 Food Programme.

“I like to call that grandma cooking, this idea of providing people with a sense of time and place through food, reminding them of why they like a particular dish in the first place”. Mashama Bailey discovers the cooks who inspire her, and in turn, her own sense of cooking and place.

Have a good week! x