Reading List (24/4)

If you only read one thing this week, make it this. It is a story about how offering swimming lessons to refugee children in Germany helps them overcome water fears, and integrate into the local community. It is just the best thing.

Nottingham has recently launched a Good Food Partnership. You can read the charter and sign up to support it here.

More on Christina Tosi.

A review of Food Democracy.

Writing is hard. But it is good.

Diets don’t work. It is lifestyle changes that make  a difference. Grace Dent confesses to being mostly vegan. Bee Wilson on the British relationship with vegetables.

Community supported agriculture in Belgium.

Advice on living from a 90-year old.

Reflections and experience of the casualisation of HE.

Ideas to focus your writing strategies.

This encapsulates most of my feelings about pushing bodies to the edge.

 “There is a perception that getting into open water, rivers in particular, is wrong. This is a rule imposed by society and yet it holds powerful sway. Breaking that taboo feels very apt in these turbulent times. It is a small act of rebellion”. Joe Minihan on the upsurge in writing on swimming.

On rendang and ‘crispy’ chicken skin.

(Be)witching women writers.

Have a good week! x