Reading List (10/7)

My sister sent me a postcard once which reads, “you live because you dance, you live as long as you dance” which is a quote from Nureyev. If the world has been getting you down this week (it has me), watch this video and have all your wonder and joy in the world restored.

Some rather brilliant commentary on the state of things in England. And the football, obviously.

Glorious photographs of a rambling, messy, wild garden.

Summer eating: strawberry shortcake, grilled zucchini…

A brief history of hazelnuts in chocolate.

Best wedding registry list idea ever.

A heart-warming story of farmers and bees.

Advice on growing old. The dance of life and death, and all in-between.

The island of Inishbofin. When can we go?

On the history of writing.

Have a good week! x