Reading List (17/7)

Read this essay this week.

#Catdad update.

Women and food journalism in the USA.

Places where you can swim wild this summer.

A really powerful three-part essay on anxiety and the academy-machine.

Delicious veggie burger idea.

If hiking is your jam, here are some beautiful looking ones. I fancy the one outside Malaga, anyone?

A three-year PhD is not long enough to make you competitive.

Gardening through grief. And not gardening through grief.

Most people view a dish of handmade pasta with a long-simmered sauce of heritage tomatoes as representative of the eternal verities of Italian peasant life; I see it as one calamitous laundry bill. Jay Rayner at his best.

Taking comfort.

Aubergine and salted ricotta pasta – if you can face turning the oven on this summer.

A guide to the stars you can see in summertime (in the Northern Hemisphere).

A history of Gordon’s wine bar in London.

Wonderful summer memories of Myrtle Allen.