Reading List (14/8)

Thoughts on academic productivity. And authorship.

I very much want to make this chocolate-chip sheet cake. Delicious words and a cake.

A wonderful story of grief and memory.

Canal House has one of my favourite email lists. It features their daily lunches and is a great source of inspiration.

Coffee and anxiety.

This past weekend I finished Kate Mosses’s The Burning Chambers. I fell into 16th century France, trailed after Minou to Toulouse, imagined her at her father’s bookshop in Carcassonne. I had to close my eyes at the descriptions of men being tortured by the rack, and saw the priest’s blood-red robes in my mind’s eye. As always, by the end of the book I was wholly attached to the characters and did not want to leave… Fortunately there will be more!

Love this series of travel journals?advice?guides?. I very much want the Spanish one.

Have an excellent week! x