Reading List (21/8)

Nobody really cares how hard you work so organise your work day to do the important and creative work first.

PhDs want to change the world, not chase citations.

Celebrity TV chefs.

A fascinating history of Italians in South Africa.

A collection of recipes from Gill Meller’s new book. The wild mushroom tart looks superb.

Chefs changing the school lunch programme in the USA.

Attempts to stop the olive theft during the Spanish harvest. Effects of the vanilla boom in Madagascar.

Cults of wellness.

The dark side of wine.

Seriously delicious-sounding summer pasta.

Books to read about Spain.

Thoughts on grandmothers and culinary heritage. And making shortcrust pastry ‘the normal way’.

On Patience Gray’s Honey from a Weed.

“It is relatively easy to recognize how literature might reflect us. What is harder to trace is the way literature makes us. And make us it does, especially, I think, when we are young and moldable”. Wonderful essay on reading and literature.

Have an excellent week! x