Reading List (28/8)

Goodness. It is the last week of August. We are post summer bank holidays. Schools are soon to return (they’ve already gone back in Scotland). Students will be arriving soon. I am off for the rest of the week, just coming in today to sort things out. My mom is visiting but we are just relaxing at home, digging on the allotment, and spending time together. After a summer of running about, I am grateful for this time with her. A short list this week! Hope it is a good one. x

Rebecca Solnit on books and reading.

Eater’s guide to pastry in London.

On bookstores.

Opportunities to become chefs in Morocco help women in difficult situations.

Loved Anna Jones’ descriptions of her wedding feast. Plus the tomato tart looks like something to make now.

A late bloomer in botanical arts.

Loved this camp site. I could maybe even get into camping if it was here.

Making pancakes.

Nigel Slater on plums.