Reading List (4/12)

Welcome December! I am hoping you’ve been wondering where this list has been. In early November I was feeling the overwhelm of having too many things on, to do, expected of me… And this was one of them. It stopped being fun. So I decided to take a break. Think about what I wanted to do with the list. I am still thinking about how this list will transform in the new year but I found I was reading a lot of things online that I really liked, wanted to share, wanted to have somewhere to find again later, and I realised that that is this list. So here we are again. 

Love these cookie boxes you can order. I think I may need to get into cookie boxes. Experimenting with some this weekend. 

Anna Jones’ top 10 veggie Christmas recipes, all of which look delicious.

This article on cooking for family, and then not cooking, made me sad. (via Anna Brones)

The first (of many, I am sure) holiday gift guide

Ways to keep your head through December and the holidays. And (from the same site) how to reflect on this year and plan for the next. 

These buttermilk puddings look quite divine. 

The renaissance of herbs in the kitchen. 

Loved this piece about sourdough, techies, making bread, and the unsung role of women bakers. 

And, because I love Laurie Colwin, I loved this piece by Anna Jones on discovering her book. 

Has anyone else read Lullaby? It made a big splash over the summer and I listened to it on audio this past week. It is compelling, frightening, un-put-downable writing. It has been on the NYT book list recently – there it is called The Perfect Nanny. Read it! 

Elena Ferrante’s Naples, a food tour

Have a good week! x