Reading List (11/12)

Chocolate rugelach that looks quite delicious.

Loved this little video showcasing some delicious December breakfasts.

A chocolate caramel tart that looks to die for. 

I loved the conversation between Maria Shriver and Krista Tippet. I loved how she talked about the tension around trying to have it all, the pressure on women to still get everything together, and the ways you can cope with that expectation. It isn’t a new conversation – I’m catching up on months of not listening to podcasts very much.

From the Radio 4 Food Programme – Rowley Leigh, on his life in food. I borrowed his book from the library just the other week and have been enjoying his essays as much as the recipes.  

I listened to The Witchfinder’s Sister last week and over the weekend. I absolutely loved it! I am normally quite skeptical about historical fiction. Heavens knows why because as soon as I start reading, I am totally hooked. This is set in the east of England, in 1645. Witch hunting has mostly passed, but Alice’s brother is seeking out women accused of witchcraft. Told in Alice’s voice, this is a compelling and scary read. This is another in my ‘voices and silences of women’ series that seems to have defined the year for me.  

I have been increasingly concerned this year about my use of digital tech, my inability to concentrate for long periods of time, and my endless checking of my phone for dopamine hits when I am bored. So I read this article on attention with interest. Nixon writes that the idea that ‘attention is a resource’ is only half the truth. If we only ever think of our attention as something that is useful (and, in the case of digital devices, an economic resource), we miss out on the way our attention connects us to the world around us. Our “attention-as-experience” is just as, if not more, important as our “attention-as-resource”. Some food for thought as we enter the holiday period and start to evaluate the year I think.

Creating time and space for thinking new thoughts. 

I totally want to make these miso almond butter cookies

Um hello Christmas side dishes

Have a good week! x