Reading List (19/12)

Special Christmas (sort of) edition of the reading list. There will be no more reading lists until January 8th 2019 now. There will be two more blog posts before the end of the year though so keep an eye out! 

I just love this poem. Read it to children of all ages on Christmas Eve.

Festive table ideas. 

Best children’s books of the year.

Ideas for living

Love this essay on the lost final recipes from Gourmet. And I totally want to include porcini popovers at some point in our Christmas feasting this year. 

Swimming in Snowdonia? I might have to do this next year. 

This is the festival I want to go to next year. Anyone want to come with me?

Sugar in ancient manuscripts. 

Totally making this gingerbread cake this coming weekend. 

Fully intend to order some new plants and seeds for the allotment from Otter Farm

Love this guide to variations on one soup recipe!

An interview with Judith Kerr, one of my favourite writers. (Thanks Signal/Whatsapp bookclub!)

A great listen on the changing world of chocolate. Totally fascinating!.

Loved this conversation between Alain de Botton and Krista Tippet. They talk about the hard work of love and relationships and I laughed out loud, nodded in agreement, and said oh wow, a lot.

Have a happy festive time! x