Reading List (13/9)

Today (and most of this week) I am in rural Kwa-Zulu Natal. We cooked all weekend. Jen came to stay. Yesterday we went down to Durban and ate fabulous seafood at The Oyster Box Hotel. Today and tomorrow we are simply relaxing, walking the two tiny dogs, and cooking some more.


This cookbook and lasagne recipe.

Chef’s Table explores France! (Super excited. Weekend plans sorted.) Also the review on Eater.

Autumn is approaching (spring is coming where we are currently but will sadly have to leave on Thursday) and this plum tart fits the season perfectly for me.

Jen slow-roasted tomatoes for salad over the weekend. They were divine and lifted the flavours and textures to more interesting heights. Serious Eats tells you how and why you should do this.

Sustainable farming methods to help improve the soil and our climate.

The importance of silence.

The role of the sugar industry in shaping our diets.

Chefs in schools.

Do you get as much satisfaction from zoodles as from noodles?

I finished Early One Morning yesterday. I thoroughly enjoyed it –  a tale of women in Rome during the Second World War, which moves forward to the 1970s and back again. I have started The Midnight Queen today (which I found at the airport yesterday).