Reading List (20/9)

The holiday is over. Back to reality and the new academic year. Le sigh. I am already planning our next few trips away and am trying to get back into the swing of things. Holiday blues are out if full force but I am planning some catch-up/highlights here of all the eating we did during our time at home. In the meanwhile, here is this week’s reading list!

A garden in a small space. I really want to read this book!

Diana Henry on life and inspiration in the kitchen. She has written her 10th cookbook – Simple – which looks fabulous. Here is an interview with her discussing the book.

Autumn is in the air. Plum cobbler. Plum cake. Plum torte. I came home and instantly made marjorie plum crumble for Friday night’s dessert, having found perfect crumble-plums in our massive post-holiday shop.



I love Deliciously Stella sooo much. She is a breath of fresh air in an avocado-saturated world. Here you can find out why you should love her too.

A new blog find! Yay! With a video for apple traybake. And an article on impostor syndrome.

Advice on writing. (And life).

How much do you love Matilda? She is one of my favourite book heroines. There is much being made of 100th anniversary of Roald Dahl’s birth this month and this little essay is one commentary, plus this from Sophie Dahl.

Bake-Off has been sold to the highest bidder. And Mel and Sue are leaving. What are we going to do now?

If you are at a loss of things to do, and can afford a trip to the south of France next month, do this please.

Is meat grown in a laboratory kosher?

There is still much work to be done around helping children eat well during school lunchtime.

This video appeared on a friend’s Facebook page and it is just lovely – British bakers in the 1960s. I particularly love the spun sugar and the marzipan-covered cake.