Reading List (6/2)

Hello everyone! Welcome to February. I am partial to this month because it is my birthday month and this year, we are going to the Harry Potter Studio Tour so I am beyond excited. I also went on a willow weaving course on Sunday and learnt how to make an obelisk. Here they are in the allotment!

allotment winter2018

Dangerous quests for foods.

I just loved this portrait of Francis Lam.

Fermented foods and gut health.

The tyranny of ‘should’ and some advice on how to overcome it.

Competition in science fields. (Thanks Mom!)

I really enjoyed listening to the conversation between Krista Tippet and Ta-Nehisi Coates. It was broadcast last November but I only got around to listening to it this last week. I particularly liked the questions at the end, and Coates’ responses to them.

This fantastic collection of food stories.

A list of books to read.

Baked lamb that sounds totally delicious.

Is your phone fuelling your anxiety levels? Mine totally is. I’ve found a restlessness when I try to sleep – I must read news headlines, check things etc on my iPad before I can settle. Related: scientists have discovered ‘anxiety cells‘.

I like this series on how academics plan.

In search of a historic apple.

How we describe excess foods in the food system, and the implications this has for what we do with it.

I read First Frost over the weekend. This is a delightful sequel to Garden Spells and I loved reading it. It’s an easy read and everything turns out as you predict it will so it is reassuring too! Just the thing to make midwinter manageable.

Have a good week! x