Reading List (13/2)

Happy Shrove Tuesday, also known as Pancake Day. So here are some pancakes to see you through.


Beautiful pastry shop in Italy.

Gorgeous looking pear crumble.

“A triumph of upcycling, this panade is basically French onion soup without the soup — just bite after bite of cheesy, onion-and-stock-soaked bread. It’s so good I’d argue it’s worth it to buy a loaf of fancy bread right now just to let it grow stale”. This dish sounds just divine.

Results from the THE work-life balance survey.

Ideas for a long weekend in Joburg.

I like these ideas for rice bowls.

A sad read on the reality of leaving a job you love.

Sometimes you read something and it is exactly what has been rolling around in your head for the past few weeks or months. This week for me it was this: “One of the things that’s the most difficult about graduate education is this: you’re essentially losing almost ten productive years of your life to pursue a degree that probably won’t lead to employment in that thing”. 

If anyone wants to buy me Ruby Tandoh’s new book, I will gratefully accept. In the meanwhile, I thoroughly enjoyed this review.

Oftentimes I just save pdf articles to read into a general dropbox folder. Here are some ideas of how to organise your (pdf) life. I am going to do this.

Tasting memory.

A short history of caramelised white chocolate. And some history on why you can buy vanilla extract in the store, even though it is alcohol.

Neoliberalism is making us ill. Read this!

An interview with Alice Williams, who started Luminary Bakery.

I finally listened to The Book of Dust. It was a total delight. Rarely have I smiled so much while listening to anything. Read it. I love the world-building, the daemons, the prose… Now I’m going to get a proper copy and read it again.

Have a good week! x