Reading List (20/2)


Hello all! I have fallen into a winter olympics snow slide of joy this past week. We have been thoroughly entertained by snowboarders competing in slopestyle, half pipe and (my particular favourite) boarder cross. But my absolute best has been the Finnish athletes knitting as a form of stress relief between their events! Like come on! Best thing ever!

So this happened last week. Squee! Please buy it. Or tell your library to buy the hardback.  Or tell all your friends that are interested in food, education, young people, foodies, cooking and gardening to read it!

Cats in the workplace. I met one that was resident in a greenhouse at a garden centre the other day. He was hanging out amongst the citrus trees. One of the people behind the counter explained that the cat just turned up one day and never left.

An interview with Marion Nestle.

My friend Jo’s insider tips to my mother city, Joburg.

A powerful essay on shame.

Because obviously getting a PhD is not ‘real life’ experience, here is some advice on how to get said ‘real life’ experience while doing one. (I actually agree with trying to do an internship while doing a PhD, I did one and it was totally ace. But doing a PhD is real life…)

An ode to a sourdough starter. I am amused by the writer saying she sings to it, or plays it music. I just finished reading Sourdough which is a wonderful, funny novel about a girl who inherits a sourdough starter and begins a journey into bread making. Her starter is happiest listening to a particular kind of music. I haven’t played music to mine. Maybe I should?

A review of a book I want to read: Hippie Food.

A really interesting research project investigating threatening environments and chronic pain.

What are performance metrics doing to the world of scientific research?

Lost strains of rice.

Have a good week! x